Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reflections on Difficult Questions Part 2

This is Claire... which I guess makes me the Deranged Girlfriend? Or maybe not. Anyway, since my boyfriend is still under the weather, I thought I’d kind of fill in. I mean, I don’t know too much about what he’s been doing at work, and here at home he’s mostly been resting, but there’s some other stuff I can tell you about.

Anne, for instance. She’s come by twice since her first visit. She wants to talk, and I guess she doesn’t have that many people she can talk to anymore. And she’s been asking a lot more questions, and I’ve been answering them as best I can... because they’re not questions about things she shouldn’t know.

She’s asking questions about being a Catholic. Which, you know, I can mostly answer. I’m not sure the Church would approve of everything I have to say, but that’s how it goes. And it’s interesting to look at something that I’ve done my whole life, and try to explain it to someone who’s completely new to it.

I haven't asked her many questions. I don't know if she's thinking about joining the church. I don't know if she's thinking about working with Father Peter, or if she's asked him about anything of the sort. I don't know why she's talking to me and not my boyfriend. Maybe - and whatever else she's considering, I think this is part of it - she just wants to talk to someone who knows about what happened and won't think she's crazy.

Father Peter is treating us with the same unfocused fondness that he always has. If he's learned anything new about us, it hasn't affected his opinions. Well, that or he's an insanely good actor. He's nice to us, but not any nicer or more... familiar? than before.

I know my boyfriend's watching someone in particular at work, but he hasn't said who (and I probably wouldn't know them anyway) or why. I suppose for another couple that might be a problem, but for us... no, I trust him. I think he's hoping that it doesn't turn into another situation like the one we just cleaned up.

And that's really all I have to add for the moment.

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