Friday, February 18, 2011

Reflections on Weirdness

It's been two days, and I think I'm finally starting to calm down. That's good. I've also come to the firm conclusion that weirdness is very much a matter of perspective. Consider:

Last year I spent an evening stumbling through the woods while looking for a stray Bumbler. That didn't strike me as strange - unusual and unwelcome, but not really out of the ordinary. More recently, I... coordinated a ceremony... while running a medium-high fever. The fever gave the whole experience a slightly surreal tinge, but the the presence of... well, of things that don't exist on Earth on their own... that didn't seem weird at all.

Even the idea that Claire worships the Father of Serpents doesn't seem all that weird. I mean, it was a shock; but I've known about her group in general for a long time. And her being one of them is certainly disturbing. But, weird? Not so much.

Right now, though, we're tip-toeing on eggshells around each other, while pretending that everything is still normal - at the same time. And that's weird. Really, really weird.

We're going to have to talk about this sometime. I think Claire knows it, too - she's just waiting for me. And I'm... not quite ready, yet. I mean, I think I'm done panicking. I just need to work through everything: see what has changed, what hasn't changed, and whether I can deal with those changes. Questions like "how" and "what if" will figure prominently in those thoughts.

Now, though, I have to get to work, so - once again - the important stuff will have to wait.


  1. There seems to be something preventing my comments going through when I post from work. Hmm.

    I wanted to say that I am really grateful I did not have to wait a whole week for an update after Wednesday's big revelation. The suspense would have killed me!

  2. Yay! I have readers!

    Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. Anyway, I guess the poor guy just couldn't wait that long, either. I'm sure he'll have more to report tomorrow.

    As far as comments not going through... that's a little troubling, as I'd really like to hear from anyone who wants to comment. I wonder...

    ::goes off to make a new post::

  3. I read!

    Although I lost track of the story when I was having computer problems, and have just caught up. The poor guy; love is hard enough without religious differences! the end is nigh, one way or the other, isn't it.

    Anxiously waiting for what comes next.

    Anyway, we'll see if this goes through.

  4. And it did go through, and I'm gratified to hear from another reader. Doubtless I should go to bed and give the Deranged Cultist his weekly opportunity to hack the blog...


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