Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dreaming of a Coastal Resort

I had a strange dream just as I was waking up this morning.

Yeah, I know. Me. Strange dreams. Who could have seen that coming? But I digress...

I had come to a hotel (somewhere) for a real-life get-together with a bunch of the regulars over at Slacktivist. I found a certain handbell-ringing member and her husband, but apparently nobody else was there, yet. So I/we left. (Sometimes my wife was there with me, but she kept fading in and out of the background of the dream - sometimes we were doing things together, sometimes it seemed like I was alone.)

I went to a renfaire, and I was trying to get dressed for it, except I kept having to put on more clothing because the weather was getting worse and worse. So finally I went back to the hotel, where I found that everyone had left to go attend a performance. Apparently they were expecting me, because someone had "sent another limo." So of course I'm all like, "Hey, nobody ever sends limousines for me, I'd better get in there." Except I'm still in my ragged multi-layer renfaire clothes, and I haven't been to my room yet, so I don't have anywhere to put my bag.

It turns out that the front desk was willing to store my bag, so I hopped in the limo and off I went. I was hoping to keep dreaming long enough to see some of the performance - there's a good chance that handbells were involved - but the insistent voice of the alarm clock denied me the opportunity.

Now, as far as that goes, it's just a strange dream - interesting enough, but not especially meaningful. But the hotel itself...

Well, I've dreamed about it before, at least once. It's right on the coast - though whether that's the edge of the mainland, some sort of peninsula, or part of an island, I'm not sure. It occupies one side of a sweeping sea cliff, with a swimming are below and a dock (or docks) on the other end of the cliff. The drive leading down to it is narrow and winding and cut right out of the rock, so a lot of way has rock faces on one side or the other.

When I first dreamed of the place, the hotel wasn't particularly clear; my wife and I rented a boat from the docks and went out into an area of lakes and small islands set in a maze of high cliffs formed by larger islands. There might have been zombies in this dream; I don't remember. This time, though it was distinctly the same place, the docks and the swimmers were just part of the background, and the focus was very much on the hotel itself - particularly the lobby and the (huge!) restaurant. The rooms were all on the upper floors, and I remember taking an elevator, but not in enough detail to be worth describing. (If I ever write this setting into a story, I'll steal those details from a middlin' opulent hotel not far from where I work.)

So there it is: the coastal resort of my dreams.

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