Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reflections on the Final Days

I’m so glad to be alive at this point in history. I mean, I know the Great Darkness will fall soon, and the Old Ones will rise up to scourge the Earth with fire and madness. I realize that even as one of Their worshippers, I probably won’t survive their release. Even if I do, I’ll be a gibbering, subhuman madman, my mind and body blasted by Their influence, scrounging a desperate living among the ruins - or kept alive as a pet for Their hideous and perverse amusements.

But think of how exciting it is to be living in the final days! I mean, we get to see cities tumbled into ruin and scoured by the burning winds, whole continents uprooted, lava flowing like blood in the wounds of the Earth. Pride in human accomplishment will be revealed for the hollow mockery that it is when the seas turn black and devouring. Our true masters will be revealed, and the sight of them will strike men blind, shatter minds into lunacy, even kill a lucky few outright. Finally, of course, the Nameless Shadow will devour the sun, leaving the world in darkness and cold forever. Who wouldn’t want to witness that?


  1. Let me know how it all works out. :)


  2. You know, the scary part of this is that - with only very slight changes of the apocalyptic details - this is *exactly* a sentiment that I heard voiced on more than one occasion by some of the evangelicals when I was in college.

  3. Actually, it might even be worse. I'm reading the book of Revelation right now and although it's not easy to work out which parts are pictorial and which are plain descriptions, there's enough in there for a bevy of disaster movies. As for me. I think I just might make it into leaving the planet before the apocalypse.

  4. Humanity has been on standby for some thousands of years now, always awaiting the end.
    I'd bet a bottle of really good wine that it won't come anytime soon (it will be set off for some generations, again, like it always is). Oooh, I'd be really pissed if I lost that bet, though I have to admit, seeing ol' Cthulhu would be cool.


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