Thursday, May 11, 2023

GoodParty: Take Down the Tarrasque

We reassemble the two teams, then divide up again. Ruin, Tavros, Leira, and Marshall head off to try to take out the Tarrasque.

We load ourselves up with:
  • Haste
  • Death Ward
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Remove Fear
  • Holy Aura (which is actually kind of redundant, but what the hell)
  • False Life (Leira on herself only)
In addition, Ruin has a spiffy new sword, plus the crystal he got from the druids, and Leira has the staff if super-blasting, which probably won’t help much since the tarrasque is magic-proof in much the same way that Godzilla is missile-proof. We layer ourselves with the spells, then one of the wizards teleports us to Summerwind – or the remains of it, anyway. This is the point where it was trapped, until he slew all the Solari there and broke through.

So now it’s lurking in the ruins of Summerwind, and here we are. The Tarrasque notes our arrival and sort of ambles over. Ruin grabs Tavros and Leira and Dimension Doors onto Marshall. Marshall slithers through the air in his colossal snake form He sets us down inside the town wall.

Leira immediately hops off as the massive snake faces off against the tarrasque, and immediately casts Time Stop. She uses the stolen moments to cast Mordenkainen’s Sword four times, dropping animated magic swords all around him.

Tavros charges and gets slapped on the way in, and slips out of its grasp thanks to Freedom of Movement. He hits, but the Tarrasque immediately regenerates and then slaps the actual crap out of Tavros, who takes it like a half-dragon. A firework erupts from a nearby building, up into the sky.

Ruin also charges, and takes somewhat less damage on the way in. He positions himself so that he’s flanking the thing, opposite Tavros. Leira’s swords are doing their work, and flanking each other. She also drops an illusionary Tavros next to the real Tavros.

Marshall drops a Mass Heal, restoring Ruin and Tavros to full health, and then… casts two quickened spells: air walk and control water. He starts pulling sewer water into the area, and Tavros and Ruin start rising to avoid it. Tavros strikes once, then drops his sword; the wound closes immediately, and the Tarrasque turns on Tavros, who did actually manage to hit it pretty hard. It does a lot of damage.

A woman appears in a nearby window – Ruin sees her, and he notices that she is wearing the colors of the newly-crowned Giles Bouvier King in the East. She immediately drops a Meteor Shower on Marshall. This would have been a huge problem if Marshall hadn’t cast the we-thought-it-was-redundant Holy Aura on the group. As it is, the magic resistance protects them from the worst of it.

Ruin attacks the Tarrasque from behind, and does some damage. Then eight archers, in the colors of Giles pop in behind Ruin. They fire off a bunch of arrows at Ruin, and do him a bit of damage. A moment later, a batch of sorcerers show up in another nearby building. And another small group shows up on the street. They are in the water on the street. They start unloading fireballs on the tarrasque. Tavros takes a bit of damage; Ruin takes… one point.

Tavros, unfortunately, goes down. Leira moves away from Marshall, Her swords are just ripping up the Tarrasque. She drops Time Stop, then uses her staff to Intensify Delayed Blast Fireballs and set three of them in place: sorcerers, sorcerers, archers. Two of the archers survive, and none of the sorcerers do. Leira drops Shield on herself, then adds Protection from Elements (Fire). Then she fires off two quickened scorching rays, hitting the head sorceress in the face with five of the six rays for a very solid amount of damage.

Marshall pulls another round of water into the area around the Tarrasque, then used Miracle to turn it into stone. The tarrasque is now trapped in place though still able to attack. The sorceress is likewise trapped. The tarrasque twists around and tries to attack Ruin, though he can’t tail slap. Ruin goes down, and is just a mouse’s whisker away from death.

The sorceress attempts to Meteor Swarm Marshall again, and gets past his spell resistance; he avoids the worst of it, but still takes damage.

Leira’s swords are still in play, and just carving the Tarrasque up. The sorceress is still in the window over there, and Leria throws a Disintegrate at her.

She dissolves into dust.

Marshall drops a Mass Heal, saving Tavros and Ruin. He moves to engage the Tarrasque. Tavros straightens up, realizes that his sword is buried under stone, and runs away; the Tarrasque misses him.

The Tarrasque twists around and attacks Ruin again. He survives, and uses Dimension Door to escape.

Leira’s swords keep chopping up the tarrasque, and after a while it goes down far enough for Marshall to finish it with Miracle. He uses Miracle to prevent the thing from regenerating, and then uses a second Miracle to turn the thing into a Tarrasque-statue.

People start crawling out of their shelters, and before long there’s a crowd of hundreds cheering for us. Marshall immediately seizes on the opportunity to proselytize, and converts most of Summerwind.

Somewhere up in Olympus, Artemis looks around and says: “Damn it, why do I keep waking up with scales? That was funny back when I was drunk, but this shit needs to stop.”

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