Monday, May 22, 2023

Caristhium: The Golden Children, Part Two

Tarric found them before Aesa could find Anica. 

"Is everything well?" he asked, hurrying over. His eyes were on Aesa, so it took him a moment to process that the woman with her was a true elf, and unfamiliar; it took him another moment after that to realize that the children who accompanied them were covered in golden scales. "More half-dragons?" he asked, glancing at Rita. 

She simply tilted her head slightly, studying him. 

"Yes," said Aesa. "Ruin's, apparently."

Tarric frowned. "Ruin's? But how could Ruin make--" He froze for a moment as he put it together, then glanced at Rita and swallowed. "Ah. You are welcome among us, soror semideum." 

Rita winced. "You have the worst accent imaginable, but I thank you."

"My apologies," Tarric said, as Aesa tried not to grin. "I'm out of practice, and I was never a good student to begin with."

He turned, knelt, and regarded the half-dragon toddler Scar. "Hello, young one. It's good to meet you."

Scar promptly bit him. Fortunately, he was still in armor and the new-formed teeth merely scraped across the metal of his bracer. "Fearsome," Tarric said, keeping his face and tone entirely serious. "It'll be a pleasure to teach you weapons."

"Will you?" asked Rita. "Teach them weapons?"

Tarric glanced at Aesa and nodded. "Everything I can," he said. 

"Frater ignis," Rita said. "Let us proceed."

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