Friday, February 12, 2021

State of Me, February 2021

 So... yeah, not much posting this week. I've been both tired, and busy with other projects. I'd meant to write a short fiction for Durest, the dwarven necromancer/cleric from Evil!Party, and I think I have enough background information to do that now, so that'll probably happen sometime this weekend. Work, meanwhile, has been busy with large and rather urgent projects, and that's going to be a continuing theme for the next several months. At least I can work from home...

I'm still going on the dream-inspired writing project that I started a couple of weeks ago -- which is not the one I'd meant to be switching over to, but since I'm making progress on this one I'm going to stick with it. I basically try to do an hour or more of writing (on writing nights) and when I feel my attention slipping I reward myself with some time playing video games.

The boys are still attending school remotely, and we upped the dosage on Secondborn's ADHD meds recently so they're both doing pretty well by it. (I need to make sure that he doesn't have any unfinished work from this week, but at least he seems to be paying attention in class.) Beautiful Wife is still teaching remotely, and the University seems to be doubling-down hard on getting back to Face-to-Face instruction. At this point that still seems dangerous and spectacularly ill-advised, except that given the structure of their income I can also see where they don't feel like they have a choice. So there are things to worry about there, but for the moment we're doing all right. 

Some recent medical drama in the extended family seems to be winding down, though I'll feel more confident in saying that if things are still going well in a few more days. But even this is kind of a temporary reprieve; liver cancer is nothing to joke around about, and we still have a few more years at most. 

Politically, we're in the middle of an impeachment trial for what ought to be a slam-dunk case against the former president, so of course the Republican side of the Senate is dragging its feet and looking for any kind of excuse to acquit him, mostly because they're entirely complicit in his behavior and scared to death of his followers. ("At this point they're either cowardly, evil, or both," is a hell of a thing to say about people, but I literally cannot see any other explanation.) As infuriating as that is, at least it isn't as stressful as the past four years have been -- though we escaped a fascist coup by the barest of margins, and I'll admit that part of the reason I'm less stressed out right now is because I'm not forcing myself to watch the trial directly. 

At least there seems to be a plan in place for dealing with COVID-19 that isn't just deliberately obstructing any effort to help the situation... still, the virus was unmanaged long enough and in enough places that we've now seen several variants crop up, some possibly more dangerous than the original. So I guess there's still some cause for gloom and doom, in the specter of a possible Forever War against Coronavirus variants. Also, I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop economically; since about the middle of 2020 I've felt that a lot of things were being propped up just long enough to get past the election, one way or another. (As in, either Trump is reelected and now doesn't have to care about them, or Biden is elected and they're now his problem.) For the moment, I hold to some hope that I'm actually wrong about that.  

Life is a beautiful and horrible and strange, but at least I'm not showing up to my Zoom meetings as a cat. (Which is not to say that I haven't tried, because Dark GODS that would have been hilarious.) Hope you're all plugging along as well, my dears.

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