Monday, October 26, 2020

Youth DnD

So, for this weekend's game I pulled together a new adventure outside Roslof Keep for the party. (They requested another departure a while back, then got distracted by bringing unlikely allies into their party.) 

This one began with the approach of a tall, slender figure in a black cloak and hood, features hidden. The druid hailed the stranger - who was about nine-and-a-half feet all, and it stopped just outside of combat range. The figure then threw off its cloak, revealing the horror of...

...Three skeletons sitting on each other's shoulders. They immediately hopped down and moved to attack.

At this point, the party is fairly formidable; it doesn't take much to dispatch the skeletons. Each of the skeletons has a leather bag tied inside its ribcage. Each of the bags carries a message. The messages say: 

My dear adventurers, it is my wish to extend another opportunity to you. There is a book that I do not have in my library. There is only one copy.

(Also, you should have seen the look on your faces! Three skeletons in a cloak! Ha!)

The book is in the possession of Lord Polyphemus Estudian, its author, in the county of Farwind. I am, of course, offering a reward if you can acquire it or bring me an exact copy.

It's a quest from the Library Lich, whom one of the players describes as "a whole mood". So they settle up their current business, and head off to Farwind to take care of this. 

The group asks around enough to learn that he has a reputation as an explorer and a naturalist, and that he was made a noble by the king. There's a rumor that his house sprang up overnight, which could certainly be possible. 

So they spend some time making up cover identities and disguising themselves as a group of travelers who are definitely not a semi-famous up-and-coming banner company who might get recognized the moment they set foot in Farwind. Then they board one of the mail-barges, and make their way to the town nearest the lord's estate. 

So... I've spent a couple of hours putting together Count Farwind and the other inhabitants of his house. I've mapped it out. I've filled in decorations and items. I am ready for this break-in/heist/negotiation/whatever-they-decide-on. 

...They decide to stop at the scriptorium in town, and buy a bunch of books instead. I mean, they do learn a bit more about the Count - apparently he's just finished writing some sort of guide and hasn't had it copied yet -  but mostly? 

Book shopping. 


Oh, well. I suppose the manor will just have to wait until next session.

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