Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I have topics, but no brain...

I have blog topics that I could probably knock off pretty quickly if I had any kind of brain for doing brain-things. Topics would include:

1. We took the kids to a ropes course last Saturday. I have pictures, and even video, and plenty of commentary. What I do not have is the ability to make the words go into the sentences.

2. Firstborn's project from last week's coding camp. This was fairly simple, but also pretty neat, and again I have video but no ability to focus.

3. Firstborn is spending this week in Teen Camp. (He's been twelve for like six weeks now, so he only just barely qualifies.) Apparently they took the Teens by the mall as one of their early activities. Firstborn has comments about touring a mall with a pair of teenage girls and a guy who doesn't care enough to argue against going into clothing stores.

4. We got the basketball net set up beside the driveway, which means I have achieved a personal goal, and it didn't even leave me dribbling. I'm not sure this one merits an actual blog post, but any opportunity for puns is a slam-dunk.

5. Oh! And Secondborn zinged his brother a good one on the way down to the ropes course.

...So I'm just going to leave these here, in the hopes that maybe I'll come back and flesh them out when I have a brain.


  1. Sounds like lots of good blog fodder! I have a nineteen-year-old who would be thrilled if we'd put up a basketball goal. Our driveway is a misery... but maybe that doesn't matter too much.

    1. Ours isn't exactly flat, but we looked at what it would take to make a little semi-porch for the kids to play on, and... no. Just no. Our plans only work if they only involve a single step, like "1. Just put the basketball goal next to the driveway, idiot. 2. Done."


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