Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Who needs to walk?

I've... done something to my toe. Or my foot. The left one.

I think it came from napping on the couch back on Friday; I had my toes tucked into the cushions, and I think I just slept on them wrong. Whatever caused it, the base of my left big toe -- right where the toe meets the foot -- is swollen and extremely painful. Like, I-am-seriously-limping-here painful. Considering-a-walking-stick painful.

Back on Sunday, I was able to rest for about two hours with the foot elevated and some ibuprofen in my system, and that was a huge help; but apparently I kept tangling the toe in my blanket while I was sleeping Sunday night, because it was just as painful as ever when I woke up Monday morning.

It's not crippling, but I'd have to take a break from running, fencing, or martial arts if I were doing any of those things. And it's distracting and, well, painful, which is kind of wearing me out. I think if I can just get it to settle down it'll be fine, but until then... Ouch.


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  2. Oh, I think I know what this is...

    I'm just getting over an episode myself. Base of the left big toe. The very first time I experienced it 20 years ago, it was like someone had broken my toe while I was asleep. See your doctor.

  3. I will. I maintain that I clearly just slept on it wrong, since I'm far too young and fit for this to be gout, but that hasn't stopped any number of people from saying things like, "Base of the left big toe? Gout."

    I mean, yes, I'll go see the doctor and get the bloodwork done, but I fully expect her to say, "Gout? Nonsense! You're much too youthful for gout. Probably you just slept on it wrong."

    1. I couldn't help but notice that your response didn't say, "and, by the way, I don't consume alcohol." Odd, that. ;-)

    2. Oh, right. I forgot that I don't consume alcohol. I forgot that I don't consume alcohol just last night, in fact.

  4. Don't get me wrong. I never intended to imply that you were a person of a certain age, of a certain lifestyle or even of a certain gender. It's just that I like to speculate wildly.


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