Friday, June 12, 2015

The Night That Never Ends

Had in intruder in the kitchen at about 4:00 this morning. Unsurprisingly, it turned out to be Firstborn. He was trying to get a cup of water... quietly. He succeeded at the getting-himself-a-cup-of-water part.

Hearing people moving around promptly set off the FAMAS (Feline Autonomous Mobile Alarm System, better known as Captain Meowy-Pants). "Meow, meow, meow. Mrrrrrrrrrow??? Mrrow!! Meow. Meowwww? Mrow. MRRROWW!!!" ...Etc. When I finally climbed back down from the loft bed to turn off the cat, I discovered both boys sitting on Firstborn's bed, looking at the instructions for the Lego Bionicle characters that Firstborn got for his birthday.

Patiently, I explained to them about how it was four in the morning. Gently, I pointed out that it was still completely dark outside. Calmly, I mentioned that nobody in the house should be waking up for a good three hours yet. Serenely, I asked if they would consider shutting the light back off and at least attempting to go back to sleep. And they did. Attempt to go back to sleep, I mean.

This time, I collapsed on the couch. Officially, this was because my presence there made the cat less likely to go off again. Unofficially, I might have been afraid that I lacked the coordination to make it back into the loft bed intact. Regardless, I drowsed there until it was time to start getting ready for work... and then I drowsed there about twenty minutes longer.

When I finally stumbled to my feet, Firstborn was putting the finishing touches on one of his Bionicle guys. Whether he went back to sleep at all, I have no idea. Secondborn, at least, was passed out on the bed.

So, here I am at work. I'm just going to sit here and chat with my breakfast while I eat my co-workers. Hopefully I'll be awake enough after that to do actual work.

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