Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Apparently I want popcorn.

I'm working on my laptop in the living room while Secondborn plays Lego Star Wars II (The Original Trilogy!) on the Playstation 2. (We're retro like that.) Firstborn enters the room.

Firstborn: "I want popcorn."

Me: "You want popcorn. Secondborn, do you want popcorn?"

Secondborn: "I want popcorn."

Me: "Secondborn wants popcorn. Do I want popcorn?"

Firstborn: "I want popcorn."

Me: (pointing at myself for emphasis) "Do I want popcorn?"

Firstborn: "Yes." He approaches me and raises one hand in a sweeping motion in front of my eyes. "You want the popcorn. You... want... the popcorn."

Me: "I want popcorn. I will make the popcorn."

Firstborn: "No, you're supposed to say it slowly. Like, 'I... will make... the popcorn...'"

Me: "I'm supposed... to say... it slowly... I... will make... the popcorn..."

It's not my fault. He hypnotized me. Good popcorn, though.


  1. This is great, Michael. I wonder if your future grandkids might someday have a similar discussion with their dad? :)

  2. Seems very likely. Or else it'll be something more along the lines of, "Dad, what was popcorn like? And were you really able to just go into a big building and take food?"


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