Thursday, April 23, 2015

Zombies Ate The Traffic

A conversation with Firstborn on the way to his school this morning...

Me: "Wow. The street is almost empty. Maybe the zombies really did eat everyone. I mean, that would be completely horrifying -- but it would help with the traffic."

Firstborn: "Fat zombies."

Me: "What?"

Firstborn: "Fat zombies."

Me: "Like they went into the houses and ate everyone and got really fat, and then couldn't get back out?"

Firstborn: (giggling) "Yes. Maybe it's the McDonalds Fat Zombies Mod. It takes the texture on their bellies and makes it thicker."

Me: "That'd do it."

We pull up to an intersection, where there are plenty of cars.

Me: "I guess the zombies didn't everyone. Oh, well."

Firstborn: "Or maybe they all came back to life."

Me: "Could be, could be."

Firstborn: (looking reproachfully at the sky) "Thanks, Jesus."

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