Sunday, April 5, 2015


Every year on this day, Jesus descends from Heaven to a small, obscure town that might be in Germany -- or someplace very like Germany, or some almost-place that sits balanced between Germany and somewhere else. From there, He follows a path (wide, but overgrown) to the house of Ostara. Now, some say that Ostara's home is a grand mansion built on a high hill to face the dawn; others say it's a small, comfortable place tucked back among the trees.

Nobody really knows much about the house of Ostara; so maybe Jesus sneaks in past the guards, the servants and the hounds; or maybe He comes openly, knocking on the door like an old friend, to be welcomed in with a nice cup of tea or a mug of good, dark German beer. What we do know is that Jesus finally goes around to the back of the house, where He wakes the Great Bunny from its nest. He puts the saddle on, mounts the Great Bunny, and gives the ritual cry in a loud voice: "Candy and Salvation for everyone!" (He says it in Aramaic, but that doesn't matter; if you were there, you would hear it in whatever language is most familiar and comfortable to you.)

Then Jesus and the Great Bunny hop out across the world to distribute eggs full of candy in their yearly act of triumphant celebration.

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