Friday, June 7, 2013

Song Pairs: Who's that girl?

I have a certain fascination with song pairs. Usually they're songs that I consider to be complementary in some way, despite being produced by different artists. Some of this is the songs themselves, but a lot of it just my idiosyncratic personal perceptions and associations. Want an example? All right: I cannot hear Robert Palmer's I Didn't Mean To Turn You On without thinking of Eddie Money's Take Me Home Tonight - and vice versa.

There are also pairs of songs that stick together in my head because they seem, in one way or another, to be the same song - just, y'know, with different music and different lyrics. The most egregious example that springs to mind is "The Long Black Veil" vs. "Over The Hills (And Far Away)".

But this morning I'm thinking about yet another sort of song pair: songs that seem, to my mind, to have taken the same title and run in completely different directions with it. Which brings me to the question of the morning: Who's That Girl?

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