Thursday, June 20, 2013

...And strange dreams

Yep: I get sleep, I have weird dreams.

Last night's dreams were less coherent than some, but they centered around an abandoned warehouse in which "we" (a small group, though the precise composition shifted from time to time) had taken shelter. Shelter from what? I'm not entirely sure, but at one point there were little crawly bug-things that had to be dealt with before they hurt anybody. At another point, there was a baby screaming in one of the back rooms, where there hadn't been a baby before. That segment was scary enough to wake me up - I'm not sure whether the baby had been placed there as bait, or whether there was something wrong about the baby, but it was GOING TO BE BAD.

The last little section, just before the alarm woke me up, involved the arrival of a new family. They were looking for shelter, too, and hadn't realized we were in there.

I don't have any more than a vague idea what was going on outside the building. Whatever it was, it had reduced people to the status of refugees - and at one point we were making sure our guns had bullets before venturing outside. Make of that what you will.

Overall: nebulous but interesting post-apocalyptic monster dream, with a concrete-walled warehouse for a setting.


  1. Somehow I can't help feeling zombies were involved. Have you been watching Walking Dead?

  2. Oddly enough, no. Though come to think of it, Planet Hulk might have contributed a bit...

  3. To dream of an abandoned warehouse represents a loss of motivation to be resourceful or educated. You don't care about saving, reading up, or being ready for problems anymore. You've lost interest in something. [Credit -]

    The new family at the end may reflect a new idea or lifestyle choice, or new way looking at a situation you've accepted for yourself.

    Perhaps, the whole dream is reflecting how you feel you've run out of ideas and suddenly come up with something.

  4. Ah, but technically the warehouse wasn't abandoned - we'd taken it over and turned in into a shelter. And the new family at the end wasn't my family or in any sort of process of becoming my family - so I can't really see it as representing a new lifestyle choice or new idea, either. In fact, if I were going to assign a meaning to the dream, I'd say that had a very strong "taking shelter against the scary outside world" vibe, with a side order of "gathering enough resources to be safe".

    But honestly, I don't think there was any deeper/hidden meaning here; I don't think that this dream, or its theme, had much of anything to do with the progress of my waking life. My brain likes to run semi-random narratives when it's sleeping (this morning I was practicing martial arts in my dream, trying to balance what I was learning from this teacher with what I already knew - which, again, not even remotely connected to waking events), and I'm pretty sure that's all this one was.


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