Monday, June 10, 2013

Another such victory over the school year and we are undone...

Well, we've made it. Firstborn is out of school. (...And will be entering Second Grade next year - how is that even possible?) Secondborn has finished up his daycare program. Firstborn has also had his seventh birthday (How is that even possible?) We have survived parties, half-days, end-of-the-year cleanup, and general chaos.

And that's just the boys. That's saying nothing of what's been going on with the Beautiful Wife and myself: the foundation repairs; the cleaning up the house until it's logistically impossible to find anything (even things that haven't been thrown away or moved to the storage unit); the weird medical stuff; the travels to attend weddings and visit friends; the judicious use of packaged neurotoxins to get rid of the firk ding blast fleas.

You know how I manage to keep putting stuff on the Blog o' Doom, here, despite all this going on? Because if I didn't, I swear I would lose my mind. Writing is how I cope. It's always been how I cope - at least since I was twelve, which is close enough to forever for any human standard of measure. Writing is how I sort my thoughts out, arrange them into patterns that make sense, and set them somewhere that I can come back to when I must. Even the silly, whimsical, stupid stuff that I put up here - I don't just write it to amuse you, my beloved and intelligent readers. I write it because, for example, putting myself in the position of a Mad Scientist long enough to write about his latest difficulties helps me get some perspective on the absurdities in my own life. Plus, it's fun - and that sort of fun also helps me keep my sense of perspective.

So you, my dear and lovely readers - though I'm sure you come here entirely for your own reasons - play a big part in helping me keep my... for lack of a better term... balance. Composure. Serenity. Something like that.

I have other writing projects. I have at least one that I actually made some really good progress on, just this morning. (That would be more exciting if it meant that such progress was likely to, y'know, continue any time in the foreseeable future. Experience suggests that such is not the case.) So I was planning to come here, and post something vaguely apologetic to explain that I might not be around too much this week, since I might be working on other things. But, on further consideration, I don't think that's really the case. There may be some filler this week; probably will be, in fact. But I suspect you'll also see our real-life flea infestation through the lens of the Mad Scientist's world, and the next installment of The Shining Walls (which I'm also very much enjoying), and possibly a few other things into the bargain.

But, well, if I'm a little incoherent, or I leave out a word or two in the of my sentences, well... We have a lot going on just now, you know?

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