Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Warrior Take-out

I have, here on the desk beside me, a take-out cup from the Genghis Grill. If you're unfamiliar with the restaurant chain, all you really need to know is this: They're a choose-your-own-ingredients stir-fry place with a Genghis Khan motif, so their branding tends to focus on warrior imagery and puns on the word "khan".

Case in point: my carry-out cup. It has the Genghis Grill logo on the front, of course. Then, on the back, it offers the following... um... proverb? Slogan? Anyway:

Warriors Don't Sip

I have two issues with this:
  1. The techical term is "quaff".
  2. How do straws figure into this, anyway?
In their defense, I imagine that using a cup with a plastic lid and a straw does make you rather less likely to spill your soda on your horse while you're riding into battle...


  1. Where's the cup holder on the horse, or is it extra? I knew I should have gotten the optional package...

  2. Don't set it there! That's the DVD drive!


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