Monday, November 12, 2012

Killing Anonymous Comments

I'm turning off anonymous commenting for the moment. There's been a steady stream of anonymous comments recently, in the general pattern of "{Generic Comment}, Feel free to visit my website - {website}". They're pretty easy to identify, because they really aren't talking about anything in whatever post they arrive in, and honestly Google's SPAM filter catches most of them. So, y'know, not exactly a crisis.

However, I'm getting a little tired of reading them. Also, I'd like to discourage this sort of behavior. So for the moment I'm going to shut off anonymous commenting.

Also, blogging may be slow this week. I'd like to add another scene to Harduk before I post the finale, but that requires writing. In fact, pretty much anything else I might put up here would require writing at this point. And since I'm trying to take it easy and give the antibiotics a chance to do their thing, I flatly refuse to stress out about that - even the teeny little bit of stress that would be involved in finishing up something half-written.

So... consider this an open thread. Am I the only one who stages deep-space battles using candy corns to represent the ships in the fleets? (Yummy, yummy spaceships...)


  1. I like the wisdom of your writerings, pleased to be free felt to visit my internet site


    And no --The last time I used candy corn for space battle plans, my son ate the entire Kjahadith fleet.

  2. Grrrrrrarrglblarg.

    And that's all I have to say about that.

  3. Nope, never done it, but now that you mention it, candy corn are about the right configuration for Imperial Star Destroyers. Pity they've got too much sugar for me to eat anymore.


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