Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Curse of the Werebaby

Okay, so back when Firstborn arrived, we babyproofed the house. One of the things we used were doorknob covers like these:

They're designed to spin loosely when a child grabs them, but still allow adults to turn the knob. Ha!

Secondborn will have his first birthday in under two weeks. This morning, he ripped the cover off the knob on the bathroom door. Now he is roaming the house, chewing on it. Evidently whoever designed these babyproofing devices did not take the furious strength of the werebaby into account.

Beautiful Wife has promised to get pictures for me.


  1. Childproof caps on OTC medications and prescription medications became standard when my little sister was 5 or 6. She was the only person in the house that could open one, of course.

    So there we were, handing her heart medications, cold medicines, what have you, to open. Good girl!


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