Thursday, March 31, 2011

Real Work Conversations: Animal Control

My Boss: "So, I just got this e-mail from wife. You have to see this."

Me: "What?"

Boss: "Apparently she was looking at the list of animals available for adoption at our shelter."

Me: "...And?"

Boss: "Take a look at this entry."

Me: "Cute dog."

Boss: "Read on... Right down here, where it says, 'Why was this animal brought in?'"

Me: {looking at screen} "'Moron.'"

{brief pause}

{mad cackling ensues}

Me: "That's the whole explanation? 'Moron?'" {mad cackling continues}

Boss: "And it's live. On our website. For public viewing."

Me: "That... just..." {starts laughing again}

Boss: "They really should know better."

Tragically, they changed the entry before I got a screen shot.

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