Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making Excuses

I'm a little behind on updating the Blog o' Doom, here. That's partly because I'm still trying to get enough sleep (so staying up late to write ist verboten), partly because I'm now well into the busy season at work (so, not so much Up Shit Creek as Wading Upstream While The, Um, Water Is Rising), and partly because I'm feeling both uninspired and a bit displeased with the quality of my writing.

For the most part, this is temporary. I mean, keeping myself on a regular sleep schedule is something I need to do pretty much all the time, but in itself that actually solves more problems than it creates. The Avalanche Of Work culminates in the Big Local Music Festival near the end of May, so I usually finish recovering around mid-June. Firstborn will be five years old in June, and Secondborn will finish his first year of life in mid-April. (Are we really that close already???) Since having kids is a big (if enjoyable) part of the Things That Have Eaten My Life, having them grow older and more independent carries me ever closer to the point where I will get some time back for myself.

And, to be honest, being disappointed in my own writing is a temporary condition, too. I have several writing projects. I'd like to be working on them. Unfortunately, writing stories is not the sort of thing that I can do well in small increments. And finding longer stretches of time isn't easy. It helps if I'm in the right mood, too (but if I have time, I can put myself in the right mood). So, really... this too shall pass. Sooner or later, time and energy and interest will collide.

First World problems, obviously. But hey, I'm feeling morose and self-indulgent, and since I have it on good authority that misery loves company, I thought I'd share.

I do have a couple of short writings that ought to go up here on the blog. The main one's for tomorrow, but I'm hopeful that the Deranged Cultist will drop by sometime today and let us know how his life as a fugitive is going.

In the meantime, if you're bored, let me send you back to an earlier post. It's one of those writing projects I just mentioned: my movie script.

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