Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Parenting Journal Entry

We're a little short of pictures this month (due to the grisly and untimely demise of our camera), but you can visit this month's parenting journal entry to read about the latest events and developments in the lives of our children and see pictures of their Halloween costumes.


  1. Awesome costume! I made my sons too. You might have seen them on the other blog. Also the AH and I think your oldest son and one of our sons looks a lot alike.

  2. Yeah, I think Firstborn and your... "A" do look a lot alike. Though to be honest, if we put all three in a lineup, a casual observer would have a hard time telling just how many of them were siblings.

    I just went and looked at your costumes. They're completely adorable. Puppy boys! PUPPY! BOYS! (Sorry, that last bit may be the fever talking.)


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