Monday, November 8, 2010

But Nobody Could Have Seen This Coming...

A friend of mine just posted this on facebook: Oklahoma voters may have accidentally outlawed the 10 Commandments.

Apparently the amendment intended to ban the application of Sharia law in Oklahoma is a little... imprecise... in its wording. It actually forbids judges to consider any laws that were conceived on foreign soil... which would include the Ten Commandments. (Contrary to some views, neither Moses nor God were/are American citizens.)

An overwhelming majority of Oklahomans apparently thought that this was a good idea.


  1. This is so embarrassing! Shows how silly Oklahomans are. I'm pretty sure most of them really had no clue what they where really voting for and I know to get that vote scare tactics where used.

  2. Don't be too embarrassed. I'm down in Texas, which is its own massive train wreck - especially when it comes to education.


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