Thursday, November 4, 2010

Muslim =/= Terrorist

I've mentioned before that I don't think Islam is evil. In other words, while there are Muslims who do horrible things, I don't think that Islam is actually the cause of those horrible things.

When I mention this, people frequently respond that, well, you never see Muslims objecting to these things. And, to be fair, the only Muslims who make the national news are either terrorists, or people trying to do equally nefarious things like build a community center. So I can see how non-Muslims might get the impression that all Muslims are terrorists, at least if the mainstream media is their only source of information.

Also... can we drop the idea that Muslims build mosques on conquered lands? Muslims build mosques where there are Muslims. Period. Full stop. Muslims wanting to build a mosque is about as sinister as Christians wanting to build a church. Just about as unusual, too.

And so but anyway: "Muslim" is not a synonym for "terrorist". Which should be obvious, but apparently we need the reminder. So, for your edification and future reference, here is a list of terrorist plots foiled with the help of the American Muslim community.

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