Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Lunatic Fringe Is Back

So, apparently Dennis Markuze noticed something I said on another site. Either that, or he's just randomly decided to come target my blog again. He left one of his rants, which (as a matter of policy) I deleted. He also left me a personal note: "you die today..."

So, first of all: I don't die today. God won't strike me down; He likes me and He thinks I'm funny. And you sure as hell won't kill me, because you're all the way up in fucking Granby, and I'm in Texas. You couldn't get down here today even if you wanted to. And let's face it: you don't want to. You gave us our final warning six goddamn months ago. If you were actually going to do anything, that would have been the time.

Look, I've tried to be polite. I've invited you to post actual responses, I've given you the opportunity to talk about why you post these long... rants, diatribes, whatever. Whatever they are, they're nonsensical - and you either can't or won't talk to me like a normal human being. You were amusing for a little a while, but that was novelty value and the novelty has worn off.

Seriously, take a look around the Internet. The only person posting things even remotely like the things you post... is you. Nobody else even comes close. There's a reason for that: that sort of behavior is insane. Even the Christians are asking you to stop, because you're making them look bad.

I'm sure you think you're impressive, mysterious, and threatening. That might even have been true, the first time you posted. But you're not mysterious. You're a known quantity. You're a kook, a crank who lives on the outskirts of Montreal and visits a variety of Internet cafes in order to avoid the more obvious sorts of IP blocking. Those long presentations that you post? They're neither persuasive nor impressive... to anybody but you. Leaving threats in my comment section? Your threats are empty, and everyone knows it. Everyone. Fucking. Knows. It.

Remember that moment when you decided that you were doing just fine and didn't need to take your meds anymore? That was a bad decision. Please start taking them again. If you can't do that by yourself, seek professional help.

Your rants and your threats aren't welcome here. I will delete them. Come back when you have something worth saying.


  1. Yknow what, you should leave this one up, just this one, so that tomorrow when you're conspicuously not dead all the world can see, definitively, that Mr. Markuze is the completely and totally useless fucking liar we all know he is.

    Who knows, maybe if you're lucky, since in his bizarro world you'll be dead by tomorrow, he'll finally stop bugging you.

  2. Freedom of speech is a hell of a drug.

  3. The first time I read the title to this, I thought it was going to be about the Glenn Beck rally.

  4. @ Big A - I might have, if he hadn't included the entire book-length script with it. The original comment is back in the previous post, so it's still there for the record. Thing is, though... who needs it? Markuze is powerless. We know this. It's obvious.

    And Dennis' response to me pointing this out? More empty threats. That's pretty fucking pathetic.

    No, the policy's the same. If Dennis (or anybody else) wants to drop by and leave a real, grown-up post explaining that I'm dead in my sins and destined for Hell, I'll leave it up. I may make fun of it, but I won't delete it. What Dennis does (most of the time) - posting pages-long collections of links and incomprehensible text in a half-assed attempt at a multimedia presentation which has nothing to do with the topic at hand, and isn't even a response to the topic - is crazy, disruptive bullshit. Crazy, disruptive bullshit gets deleted.

    @ Ginx - that might actually have been more interesting, except that I have no idea what actually went on at that rally. (I'd forgotten that it was this weekend, actually; Geds & Big A had to remind me.) My guess would be tawdry, egomaniacal demagoguery, which would be funnier if the man didn't actually have followers.

  5. I gotcha, fair enough.

    So... ain't you supposed to be dead yet? Someone should tell Dennis to hurry up, he's only got an hour and a half left of "today".


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