Monday, January 3, 2022

But I don't wanna!!!

Well, it's officially 2022 and I'm back at work. (I didn't actually take any extra time off, it's less "back at" and more "still here as everyone else comes back" but honestly? That is not making me feel any better about this.) I was able to take advantage of the break and the existence of YouTube to get a handle on a project that I've been putting off in no small part because the system I was told to develop it in was completely unknown to me, the interface was opaque, and the official training materials were useless. So, it kept getting set aside for other things that A) were more urgent, and B) didn't require at least three days of uninterrupted study to get started on. 

The project isn't done yet, of course, but it's off to a decent start and now that I've finally got a handle on how to do things for it, well... it's just a matter of pushing on through until it's finished. I might have a bunch of training in the second week of January, or I might not; I might have other projects interrupting (not so big a problem, now) or I might not; I might have time re-sort my To Do list and reassign priorities and start laying out plans, but I seriously doubt it. 

I'm still tired, y'all. I mean, I didn't try to do much over Christmas or New Year's, and I got a pretty fair amount of rest, and the things we did do were fun in way that refreshes the spirit, but I'm still tired. 

Still, we made it through 2021, even if... well...

...and I feel like that's something we should all celebrate before 2022 leaps on us from behind with claws and fangs bared. So stop and take a deep breath, maybe set aside a moment to think about where you are, where you need to go, and how you plan to get there. 

That's what I plan to be doing, anyway.

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