Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Blogging Challenge: Anticipated Reading

(This post is part of the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge. You can find links to other writers' answers over at Long and Short Reviews.)

Prompt: Books you want to read in 2022... 

Well, all right. I mean, that's not the sort of thing I generally sit around anticipating; I usually just pre-order and then I'm pleasantly surprised when things show up on my reader. Still, there are a couple that I'll definitely jump into as soon as they show up: 

The Kaiju Preservation Society, John Scalzi. Scalzi can always be counted on for a fun and funny story along with some intriguing challenges and adventures, and trying to save an endangered planet full of giant monsters sounds awesome. Comes out March 15th.

The Supervillain's Guide to Being a Fat Kid, Matt Wallace. Middle-school kids, body positivity, and supervillains. What more could you ask? Comes out January 25th.

The Demon's Librarian, Lilith Saintcrow. This is an older book; I own it, I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet. It's next on my list after the book I'm currently reading. Librarian sets out to stop a demonic invasion? I am there.

I Am Not a Wolf, Dan Sheehan. This one came out last year; it seems like important reading, since if there's one thing you very definitely want people to know about you, it's that you, a human person, are not a wolf.


  1. These look like fun. Since I'm looking for idea, I'll snag one or two.

  2. I've seen that first one recommended before. I may add it to my list.


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