Thursday, August 27, 2020

Update, plus Music: Smells Like Teen Spirit in classical Latin

We're basically at the two-week mark on the boys being back in school (but remotely, because it's 2020). This is allowing for the fact that the schools opened on a Wednesday, went the full following week, and then had a Monday off for a teacher in-service day. And on the one hand, that kind of lets everyone come back in gradually; on the other hand, we're trying to get everyone back into the rhythm of being in school, and the weird scheduling and interruptions are not helping with that. 

So, I've been working from home for a couple of days so I can check in the boys (particularly Secondborn, who's starting fifth grade and apparently didn't attend any of his "in person" -- Zoom -- classes last Friday). 

I think this will actually be fine; I don't think I'll be working from home over the long term. Secondborn did fine with remote learning back in the spring, so as far as I can tell the virtual classroom setup isn't an issue. (In fact, it may actually be better for him.) No, I think this is just a matter of him being out of the habit of having a school schedule, and thinking about where he needs to be next, and remembering to work on the things he's supposed to be working on. 

But until he gets there, he kind of needs to have someone check on him every twenty minutes or so. We're doing what we can to help -- there's now a large clock above his desk, along with a white board with his schedule and the times he needs to check into things, and he knows how to set an alarm on his computer -- so it's really just a matter of rebuilding those school-days habits.

Meanwhile, well... have a Nirvana song. In classical Latin.

Classical Latin bardcore by The Miracle Aligner:

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