Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Darvinin: Homecoming 4

They followed Sonder into the house, and Darvinin could actually feel the magics that brushed across them: spells to dispel illusions, remove enchantments, lift curses, restore memories... Mistra shivered, and he squeezed her hand gently; her training was different from his, but there was enough magic in it that she felt this too. Sam and Shanna and Evrimon followed them slowly, marveling. Only Leander seemed oblivious to it.

"Ignore it," Darvinin said quietly. "It won't hurt us."

Leander did not look reassured. "What won't hurt us?" 

"Don't worry about it," said Sam, in the cheeriest voice that Darvinin had ever heard her use.

Leander sighed. "The worst part is, I know you lot aren't just making things up out of whole cloth to scare me, so clearly there's something going on that I don't know about it." 

"Oh, many things," said a woman's voice, warm and rich and slightly amused. "Welcome to our home." 

"Baethira Anthelorn," breathed Sam, sounding awed, and Darvinin saw his mother smile. 

"Just so," she said. "And you are Saminansa Eldrish, daughter of Tamisira Eldrish. Sherralitha, Darvinin, it is good to see you again. Will you introduce your friends?"

Darvinin stepped forward, drawing Mistra with him. "My mother, this is Alimistra Silverstem, an archer of the King's Own." 

"Welcome, my dear."

Darvinin glanced back at Sherra, who nodded. "This is Evrimon, the druid-- who was also the stray dog who passed you in the street." 

"Yes," said Baethira. "Ruin told me something of that." 

"I'm very sorry for the attempt at deception," Evrimon said. "Thank you for not blasting me on the spot." 

"Oh, it would take considerably more provocation than someone being a dog for me to strike them down on the spot," said Baethira. "Especially now. You are welcome here, Evrimon."

"Thank you." 

"...And this is Leander the Elf," continued Sherra, as the halfling stepped forward and bowed with a flourish. 

"You might be forgiven for thinking me a halfling," said Leander, "but I have always considered myself an elf in my heart." 

"Have you?" asked Baethira, regarding him with an elegant tilt of her head. "Perhaps we should speak of this later. For now, it seems that all of you speak truly, and none of you are compromised." She paused. "You have no idea what a relief that is to me."

Darvinin chuckled. "Some of us might have some inkling, Mother." 

Baethira's chuckle was an echo of his own. "I suppose some of you might, at that." 

"And how do you know we speak true?" asked Sam. 

Baethira turned her head, and Ruin emerged from an open doorway. Werendril followed him into the room, bowing as he turned to face them. "I am Werendril, a paladin of Corellon Larethian. I have heard the truth of your words." 

"My cousin!" said Sherra, and released Sam's hand long enough to come forward and embrace him. "It seems all of us have been busy."

"These are busy times," he replied. "I'm glad to have us all here, and whole." 

"Yes," said Baethira. "We have much to discuss."

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