Friday, September 6, 2019

The Curse of Fourth Grade

I don't know what it is about the start of Fourth Grade, but it's horrible. Secondborn has had his third major meltdown in three weeks, and it turns out that he's got Pink Eye again/still, this time in the other eye. So he's back on eyedrops, and we've also put him on a dose of antihistamine while we're try to figure out if there's an ADHD medication that might help him be able to focus.

And, of course, every time he has one of these meltdowns either Beautiful Wife or I has to come get him, and that pulls four or five other things off-track, and...


I just keep reminding myself that Firstborn spent the first three weeks of Fourth Grade randomly bursting into tears and hiding under a table, so it's not like we have one easy kid and one difficult kid. It's more like Fourth Grade apparently just sucks, or we're under some sort of curse.

Anyway, we're keeping the kid home today for the Pink Eye, and the antihistamine seems to be helping: he slept solidly last night, and went right back to sleep after our family walk this morning, so on top of everything else he may be chronically under-slept, possibly due to allergy issues. At this point, about all we can do is try things out and hope for the best.


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