Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Challenge: I Got Nothin', and also a dream and some navel-gazing

Right, so, the usual bit of context: Weekly Blogging Challenge over at Long and Short Reviews. Hit their homepage to see the current week's responses, and add a link to your own if you're so inclined.

This weeks challenge is Books That Deal Well With Tough Topics.

And, to be honest, I've got absolutely nothing. Like, nothing leapt to mind, and I honestly haven't had time to sit down and think about it, and apparently I'm just not going to come up with anything. But I highly recommend going over and reading everybody else's answers. (Links!) I certainly plan to.

Meanwhile, we are just maybe possibly getting Secondborn settled into a school schedule. We've been able to relax from a No Watching Screens policy to a No YouTube And Limited TV Shows policy (limiting both what he can watch, and how long he can spend watching it) and we're doing the morning Walk Around The Block. As much as he hates both these things, they really do help him. So, basically, we can set him up to behave as long as the rest of the family is willing to suffer to get him there. We're also trying to get Firstborn on track so that he's keeping up with his assignments; he's in Eighth Grade now, his last year of middle school, and the expectations are correspondingly higher; in addition, two of his classes will count for high school credit if he can keep his grades up. And Firstborn has the same sorts of issues that I always did: not only is he not always organized, he doesn't always realize when he isn't organized. (In other words: it isn't just that things don't get finished; it's frequently that he doesn't realize that there are things that need to get finished.)

Meanwhile I entertained Secondborn on his walk this morning by telling him about a dream I had last night, in which I was playing a video game -- very Cosmic Horror, with a lot of strange environments to explore and peculiar bits of lore to find -- oh, and also a fight against Godzilla from the deck of an aircraft carrier. (That part was rough; I remember doing a lot of dodging and jumping, and he kept knocking me back with his tail.) But somewhere in there I became absolutely convinced, even with the sudden intrusion of Godzilla into the plotline, that this was a real game that I'd once owned. I was naturally disappointed when I woke up and realized that no, it wasn't.

So that's what's going on with my personal life. What's going on with yours?

(I'm not really talking about work right now, because work is in a state of transition and has been for several years; as usual, neither the process nor the results are quite as advertised and if anybody knows what the hell is actually going on, well... it isn't me. So I cultivate a cynical fatalism and try to be patient, which isn't all that interesting to talk about.)

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  1. I'm glad your kids are adjusting to the school year. That can be a big transition.

    Good luck with your work situation.

    I've started volunteering at a new place and am taking online courses. Life is busy!

    My post.


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