Friday, July 12, 2019

Post-Apocalyptic Time Travel dreams

I woke in the middle of a dream where I'd met a young woman (who either was, or was played by, Kirsten Dunst). It was set in some sort of post-apocalyptic future where nomadic family groups roamed the plains, so it was always a bit festive when two groups came together. Her father had set up a sort of small shelter by draping a tarp over one side of a bush, creating a little cave-like space underneath.

So we're lying there, enjoying not being out in the open for once, and she's showing me this odd little medallion she wears - basically round and flat, but with a couple of upraised curved bars sweeping across the face of it... and a couple of what look like tiny little cybernetic spiders that apparently live on it. (Ever been flirted with by tiny little cybernetic spiders? It's weird. Especially since they obviously don't talk.)

Anyway, somewhere in the course of looking this thing over, I get a weird flashback scene of decisions made and decisions not made and then a sort of still frame and dissolve -- and by dissolve, I mean "everything turns to dust and blows away" -- and I'm suddenly very sure that if we could just figure how the amulet works, we could put everything back the way it's supposed to be.

That was, unfortunately, the moment that the alarm went off, and while I remember thinking "Holy Hell, that's detailed enough to build a whole movie around," I wasn't able to get back into the dream afterwards. Eh, c'est la guerre...

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