Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Music: Bad Bad News and also? It's the most ugh time of the year

Leon Bridges:

...I figured I'd put the music up here first.

It's nearly Christmas time. It's also the end of the semester, my wife is both wildly sick and trying to finish grading. (Like, she's so stuffy she can't breathe, she can't breathe so she's not getting enough sleep, she's got an infected finger that actually swelled up to the point of turning purple before she started putting an antibiotic cream on it. Now it's just half again its usual size and very, very red... which is actually a huge improvement.) But today is graduation and they've confirmed her seat like five times already, so she (feels she) has to attend.

...Which means that I'm the one who's going to end up calling the doctor for her, and seeing if her mother can pick up the boys after school (and if not, then doing it myself). It also means that I'm probably missing D'n'D again tonight.

The holiday season had actually been going pretty well this year, up until probably the middle of last week. Now it's... well, it's still not as bad as it's been some years, but it's definitely trying to collapse into the sort of horribleness we usually expect.

I hope the rest of you are all doing vastly better than this.

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