Monday, February 5, 2018

Boys and D'n'D Session 6 (At last!)

Firstborn's Barbarian/Druid, Kaijar, had just arrived at the Watchhouse when the Captain caught him and told him that one of the half-elf kids had come back in from the farm, and that the goblins were asking for their help. The captain wanted Kaijar to go ahead with the kid, since the other two members of his troop were busy elsewhere. Kaijar dutifully trooped off with the half-elf kid, and arrived at the farm about mid-afternoon.

The farmhouse was suspiciously quiet and empty. During the past few weeks, the half-elf family has been making a decent profit bringing in various sorts of mushrooms from the goblins, and trading items from town back to the goblins. The kid starts towards the house, calling for his mother; Kaijar follows more cautiously, and spots a dead goblin lying facedown in the lettuce. He calls the kid back, then advances on the house and knocks on the door.

Nobody answers.

So, Kaijar cautiously opens the door and looks around. It's darker in here, but he spots the skeletons in the three corners and concludes that there's probably a fourth skeleton in the other corner, which he currently can't see because of the open door.

The skeletons step forward and attack.

They are... not very effective. Three of them attack him, while the fourth hacks at the door to try to get through it. (They aren't very smart, either.) Kaijar raises his greatsword and smacks them down, one at a time. The kid, meanwhile, starts backing up until he reaches the edge of the porch and falls back on his butt; then he starts screaming. Kaijar remains just inside the doorway, pounding skeletons into scattered bones and not really getting hurt at all.

He finally finishes off the three skeletons he can reach and steps to the side, at which point the remaining skeleton steps forward, slamming the door closed in the process. The kid outside stops screaming. The skeleton attacks, utterly fails to connect, and promptly becomes a pile of disconnected bones.

Kaijar returns to the porch, assures the kid that he's fine, and sends the kid back to town to fetch reinforcements, since there's no sign of the family.

...And that, since Beautiful Wife was napping (she's still sick) and Secondborn was busy with something else (video games) is where we stopped.

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