Tuesday, October 31, 2017

All Hallow's eve

So it begins. First, the boys get ready:

Secondborn has decided to be Squirtle this year:

And since he was a Squirtle, he decided that he definitely needed to have a water gun. I figured, "What could possibly go wrong?" soooo...

Firstborn, on the other hand, had elected to be a Transformer. Here, sans boy, is his costume:
The costume was designed and built by his grandfather, with help and input from Firstborn.

Here, sans costume, is the boy:

Here he is in robot mode, wearing the costume:

And, of course, the tank transforms:

Finally, here they are together:

The Beautiful Wife and I decided to be superheroes this year, so here we are:
(Picture courtesy of Firstborn.)

Happy Hallowe'en, everybody. Hope you all had as much fun as our kids did.


  1. The Transformer is very creative. I still don't know how my kids looked, daughter was supposed to send me a picture. I went as a bartender and took it to the next level by actually being one last night.


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