Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Conjuration in the Real World

I realize that most people don't believe in magic, or at least think they don't; to convince you that it's real, I'd like to present you with a spell I cast successfully just this past weekend:

Me: {admiring nice, clean, shiny car}
Me: "Yep, sure is a good thing I got the car washed."
The Sky: {Rumbles Ominously}
The Sky: {Loud Crack of Thunder}
The Sky: {Begins Raining}


  1. The weatherman in the town where I grew up used to tell his viewers to get out there and wash their cars when we had long dry spells and needed rain.

    OTOH, one of housemate's button slogans reads "Murphy's Law is recursive--washing the car to make it rain doesn't work."

    1. For some reason, I can't see the images in the catalog (assuming that there are supposed to be images; the site looks weirdly incomplete, so I think something isn't coming through). But that's hilarious.

  2. No images sadly. I think she really needs to get some to show samples of her calligraphy, but there you go.


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