Sunday, September 18, 2016

Conference Recap, Day 1

Okay, so... Remember how I said I didn't have anything interesting to post? That's because I was thinking in terms of blog posts. And while I was out of town at the conference, I really didn't come up with anything to post here on the blog.

Meanwhile, on my Facebook feed, I was actually quite active... and apparently very amusing. So, since I'm going to be up to my neck in upgrades, catching up after a week away, and general being-back-at-workness, I'm going to reproduce the activity from last week's FB feed over here on the Blog o' Doom. The drama began on Sunday, the first day of the conference...

September 11 at 7:53am:
So, in the process of going through airport security yesterday, I discovered that one of my son's toys had hitched a ride in my pocket. Apparently he's attending the conference, too.
September 11 at 9:31am:
Taking a break from the training session. He looks ready for whatever comes next.
September 11 at 12:35pm:
He appears to have found the lunch buffet successfully.
September 11 at 1:56pm:
It seems that short legs make for a long walk.
His screen says: "First day of conference. I am definitely getting my steps in."
September 11 at 4:21pm:
This guy is HARD CORE. A full day of training, and then he goes free climbing?
September 11 at 7:10pm:
Finished dinner. Now he's come back to my room to watch a movie. Good night, everyone.
Check in tomorrow for the next thrilling installment!

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  1. That is great. I'm looking forward to seeing what adventures your son's toy gets into for the rest of your trip.


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