Friday, June 10, 2016


So last night, I turned off my game of Portal (Yes, yes, I'm terrifically behind on my video games) and switch the Playstation over to Lego Marvel Superheroes for Secondborn. Only... Secondborn was busy bouncing around the couch. So I asked, "Are you going to play your game? 'Cause if not, I would like to set it back to Portal."

...To which Secondborn replied: "If you did that, I would do this." He then leaned forward and tickled my belly.

So I said, "If you did that, I would do this," and tickled his knees.

So Secondborn said, "If you do that, I would do this," and kicked me sharply in the shin.

I said, "Ouch," and that was pretty much it for that game.

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  1. Just as well. Had you continued, things would have gotten illegal fairly quickly.


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