Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My brain has gone bye-bye...

So, last night I picked the boys up from school, then swung by the grocery store for a half-dozen items (including dinner). Went through the checkout line, got everything in the cart, drove home...

...I'm not sure I actually paid. Like, I seriously have no memory of even taking my wallet out, and I don't see a receipt anywhere.

I called the store, and they checked with the cashier, and she thinks I paid, so maybe I just swiped a card with my mind on other things and have no memory of it. That's not entirely comforting either, but I suppose it's better than not paying. Just to be sure, I left my name and number with the manager, in case that register comes up short; they can call me.

You guys, I might -- might -- be really, really tired.


  1. Eek! These things happen, though.

    My husband once accidentally forgot to pay for a can of coke (he immediately went back to the store and paid one he realized his error).

    Hope you get some rest soon.

  2. Have you checked with any of your other personalities? Perhaps one of them paid.


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