Saturday, October 25, 2014

In which Secondborn inherits my musical tastes

So, we just came back from the grocery store, and I had my Halloween mix playing in the car, and Secondborn is now roaming around the house singing "Pwiests and cannibals, Pwehistowic animals..."

This, ladies and gentlemen, this is my child.


  1. Shriekback. Solid choice. I assume you've got a core curriculum that includes Lloyd Cole and The The as well.

  2. The The, definitely. Oddly enough, I'm not familiar with Lloyd Cole -- I say "oddly enough" because a quick consultation with YouTube says he's right in the time period and genre where I really should have known about him. Though right now, we're doing zombie songs - everything from Zombie Jamboree to Zombie Dance to Re: Your Brains (always good for a family sing along) to The Zombie Song to Zombie Love Song.


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