Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A link, a thought, and a flashback...

A link:

It seems that The Black Book of Children's Bible Stories will be available free for the Kindle on Wednesday and Thursday, so if you missed it last time, I'd (still) highly recommend picking it up. Come to that, I'd recommend picking it up even if you've missed getting it for free -- it's well worth the three bucks.

A thought:

One of the Bible stories touched on in The Black Book is the story of Noah's Ark -- that charming children's tale about how the truly worthy were saved by their hard work and virtue from the horrible cataclysm that wiped out everyone else. If you're somehow unfamiliar with the scriptural version, then you still might have run across one of the modern retellings of the story: Atlas Shrugged, for example. Its appeal is, I think, understandable; we've all had days where it seems like the only way to make things right would be to burn everything down and start over. (I suspect that's a large part of the fantasy appeal of Zombie Apocalypse stories, too.) The problem is... well, a problem is...

A flashback:

The end was near. We all knew it, though some still screamed denials.

I led my family down the center of the street, staying away from the sidewalks and alleys. We kept the children in the center, while the adults encircled them with weapons ready. We'd fought twice already, once with another family and once with a group of men...
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  1. Thanks for getting the word out, man. I am intrigued by your flashback...

  2. Again, my pleasure. I don't get around to recommending everything I think is worthwhile here on the Blog o' Doom, and I'm very frequently behind on the current topics in any popular medium,[1] so it's nice to be able to point out something that people might not have heard of already. Especially something like this, which I suspect a good many of my imaginary friends will enjoy and appreciate.

    [1] It's a result of my iniquitous lifestyle. More particularly, it's a result of having two boys who share a deep-seated aversion to sleep, bedtime, and giving me any time to myself at all.

    1. Boys, yes. I have some. They destroy things. So much fun and trouble. So much frouble.


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