Friday, June 27, 2014

Music: Steampunk Revolution

Yes, I know, I'm filling in my lack of writing time with a lot of music, and probably doing horrible things to the load time for the blog. Sorry - no time, no brain. I imagine the mix will change one I get this software all the way onto the latest version; until then, I'm sort of a Mock Zombie.

Today's selection is Abney Park, with "Steampunk Revolution". Don't just listen to the music; watch the video, and admire all the lovely costumes and constructions. I've picked this one because it sort of sums up the overall direction of their music, but it's far from the only fun or interesting thing they have. So, y'know, follow the related suggestions from youtube, or just go look 'em up. They're one of those bands that I think deserve a lot more attention than they get.

Also, more of the The Great Weapons next week. I guarantee it, because I already have at least one more section ready to go. Maybe two, if tonight goes well.


  1. "Mock zombie," eh. If you read that as "imitation zombie" rather than a reference to your surname, it sounds like a story premise. I'm thinking something involving nanotech. Something for the Mad Science series?

  2. I think you have more brain than I do.



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