Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Randomly reminded of this:

...And also this.


  1. I love "Hyperbole and a Half". She is so funny. I've been trying to get my adult on here, too, but spent most of the day messing around on Pinterest.

  2. At this point, if we're keeping the boys on a regular schedule of food and sleep, I'm taking the win. I've pushed a server upgrade out from next week to the week afterwards, and by then the Beautiful Woman (that's my wife, for anybody who's coming in late) will be done with her grading. It's just been an unusually... crowded... couple of weeks.

    1. The Beautiful Woman...

      That is so sweet. We never get tired of hearing that. Our schedule here is non existent at the time being as we are in limbo before "real school" starts. I'm in a quiet corner and MarioKart is blaring "out there" somewhere.


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