Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's a Cthulhu and how do you spell it?

So apparently at Firstborn's school they have a program where the children draw, and then they show their drawings to adult volunteers. The volunteers ask them for stories about their drawings, and then write down the stories. Only sometimes, it's painfully clear that the background education of the adult volunteers is tragically lacking.

For example, yesterday Firstborn came home with one of these pages. On one side was this image:
Despite the use of yellow crayon on white paper, to subject of this portrait is easily recognizable. But even with such a glaringly obvious clue, the adult volunteer was clearly unable to grasp the topic of my son's picture. So, on the back of the page, we have the following drawing. Note the explanatory text in the top right corner:
Gofulu? You thought he was playing with a "Gofulu"? ::sigh:: You realize that I'm going to have call the school about this, right? I will probably have to take time off work, borrow the cafeteria, and give all these benighted volunteers a quick course in Remedial Lovecraftian Spelling.

It's for their own good, really.

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