Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Difficult Transitions

We've finished the second week of Kindergarten. To date, I have been taking Firstborn into the school, going with him to the cafeteria, and then walking him to his classroom. This is fine for him - once he gets to the classroom, he has plenty of things to distract him from the fact that his daddy just slipped away. Unfortunately, for me it means traveling to work at speeds from 1 - 2 R. As a result, I've been arriving anywhere from five to fifteen minutes late. That's fine every once in a while, but I can't make a habit of it.

So I'm working on getting Firstborn to go into the school without me. This effort has been met with mixed results.

Yesterday morning, he went ahead to the cafeteria while I was getting my "Visitor" sticker, which pleased me immensely.

This morning, he waited with me while I got my sticker, and then went to the cafeteria. Once he had his breakfast, I left. This made him a sad, sad boy - but I explained that he was big enough to do this without me, and that I had to get to work. And I made it to work on time, too - not early, but on time.

I think I'll try the same thing tomorrow - get him into the cafeteria, then go - and then on Friday I'll see if I can drop him off from the carpool line and let him go in entirely by himself. Wish us luck...

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