Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making the exchange

So, one of my co-workers is taking some classes right now, and she's having me proofread her papers before she turns them in. Better yet, she's paying me to proofread them - which wasn't my idea. (She says she feels more comfortable doing it this way. I say, "Well, sure, force some extra cash on me, then.")

So, early in the week I get a paper in my e-mail. I go over it, looking for errors in spelling or grammar, poorly chosen words or phrases, and sections where her meaning isn't clear. The class appears to be on urban development and land use, so it's actually pretty interesting stuff to read.

Most of the rest of the department doesn't know that my co-worker is taking this class - or in school at all, really. And, gossip being what it is, she isn't particularly eager for people to find out. So each week, a day or two after I've sent back her heavily-commented paper, she comes by my desk and hands me an envelope with some money in it.

I'm just waiting for someone to ask me if I'm dealing drugs, because I swear by all that's holy, that's exactly how this looks.

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  1. oh the whispering and side ways glancing that must be going on in the office already. Before it's over they will be having you two doing some pretty interesting things in their minds!

    I admit I have terrible issues with my grammar and such most of the time. I try to really, really care about it but most of the time I just don't. If it were an important paper I was turning it then I would make sure it was all correct and someone like you would pretty much make my white paper red with all the corrections.


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