Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Return of Dennis Markuze

A quick note on June 29, 2010: I see that people are finding this post while looking for information on Dennis Markuze. You can see the entire sequence of my interactions with him here. Thanks for dropping by.

So, Mr. Markuze came by to visit, and pasted the current incarnation of his message in the comments on my last post. I deleted it. He posted it again. I deleted it again. And I left him a message, which said:

Come on, DM. Say something relevant - about bad drivers or bad driving - and I'll leave it up.

Or, if you prefer, answer the question I asked weeks ago: why do you post your comments?

Dennis, to my surprise, actually answered. (Only the first line of this is relevant, but since I told him I'd leave it up if he answered, I'm including his whole message.) He said:

because I like the TRUTH over LIES...


they are incapable of telling the difference between SCIENTIFIC *FACT* AND RELIGIOUS AND PHILOSOPHICAL *TRUTH*... FATAL ERROR!

they also preach a *VALUE FREE SCIENCE* called *POSITIVISM* that ignores the inequalities of wealth and power in capitalist civilization...

for a sample taste of PZ Myers' GARBAGE...






what happens when you LOSE Pascal's Wager...




the blood and bodies of the atheist movement...

you mofos killed MICKEY MOUSE!!!!

this has more TRUTH then what Dawkins, Randi, Harris, Myers, and Shermer
combined have said in their entire lives...


they tried to BULLDOZE the entire METAPHYSICAL DIMENSION...

they LOST THE WAR......

you have FORFEIT YOUR SOUL, shermer... you have become an object in the
material world, as you WISHED...



we're gonna smash that TV...

you pushed too much and *CROSSED THE LINE*

degenerates (PZ) or children (HEMANT) - ATHEISTS!


do you have anything to say, you STUPID LITTLE F*CKER?

how about I tell you, Mr. Shermer, EVERYTHING YOU THINK ABOUT THE WORLD is







Mr. Markuze, that isn't much of an answer. I do wish you'd give me more than cryptic, one-line answers. It would make talking to you a lot easier. Right now, talking to you is like playing a particularly surreal game of Twenty Questions.

You said earlier that my life was forfeit because I'm an atheist, and that I should repent and turn to God. Okay, I get that.

But I'm more interested in you. So tell me, please, is your goal...?
A. To deliver that message.
B. To show that atheists are lost, ignorant, and damned.
C. Both.
D. Something else entirely.

THAT is the kind of answer that I'm looking for when I ask why post your comments. I invite you to answer, or not, as you please. I do wish you'd do me the courtesy of telling me a little about yourself and your work.

And now that I have moved all this over here, I'm going to delete the replies on the previous message.


  1. Michael you must be working on tolerance, my friend. :) I, too, would like to know a bit more about the guy.

  2. He's a former computer tech out of Montreal who goes off his meds for a few weeks, threatens to kill people, then disappears for a few weeks... only to return when you least expect him, like herpes.

  3. @ Bruce - curiosity is not the trait that's gotten me into the *most* trouble over the years, but it's in the top five.

    @ Ginx - How solid is that information? Has someone firmly established that he actually *is* mentally ill, or is that just the conventional wisdom on the Internet?

    Not that I actually think otherwise, mind you. Even if (as some have suggested) he's actually a Poe, the behavior is so extreme that it has to be pathological in some sense. But I was - and am - curious about the shape of the thing that drives him to do this.

    And I'm *really* ambivalent about how to deal with it. I'm not real keen on the idea of giving him a forum (as I've just done here) since that may actually be encouraging/enabling his pattern. On the other hand, I'm not sure about the delete-'em-all approach, either, as that could easily feed his fantasies of persecution. If a sympathetic ear would help, I'd be happy to offer it... but I've tried, and so far he shows little interest in actually communicating. Either that, or he just can't manage it. So I'm at a bit of a loss, really.

  4. LMAO @Ginx

    Michael, he's been pretty docile on my board but a real pest on a few others. I too have implored him to really talk about it and he's posted once or twice with his other blogger identity (I believe davidmabus?)

    I do believe he's unwell and thus feel badly about taunting him other than playfully and with humorous imagery. (I know he really liked my chipmunk with the light saber...)

    Sometimes, if the topic is really a serious discussion (the Gulf Spill, humane treatment of animals) I'll delete him. But if he posts on my palate cleanser images I generally leave him, feeling it's relatively harmless. I think you have to make the same type of judgment call and remember the blog is your space. We've all developed different tolerances and strategies but one thing remains the same. Dennis is really, really taken with Boobquake. LOL

    BTW, I had no idea we killed Mickey Mouse. Wow. My bad.

  5. I tend to delete things if they're off-topic... or, more specifically, if they aren't contributing anything to the conversation.

    DM's pasted rants are the online equivalent of the guy who used to stand in the median at my college, and holler through a megaphone about how we were all sinners and blasphemers and fornicators. I don't think that adds anything to, well, anything - and it's extremely disruptive to any *actual* conversation that might be going on.

    So I guess my policy is going to be that DM is welcome to add specific, unique comments here, but I'll delete his pasted rants.

    It really is too bad that he doesn't want to talk.

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