Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reflections on Research

Since last week, I've spent probably twenty-some-odd hours going through the archives, and what I've found is very disturbing.

I've found nothing. Nothing about a strange place where the ground is made out of hexagons, or where life itself is little more than a mist. You'd think that someone, somewhere, would have had learned about this place and written it down. But, no.

So, I wrote the dream down and added it. It took a little while, and the... administrators... will have to review it. But it's there, in case anyone else stumbles onto the place. I haven't had the dream again, so maybe this was just one of those weird little things.

Claire has now met Billy and Crystal, and seems to like them. We rented a movie, and watched with beer, coke, and popcorn. Mbata wasn't there - he was out of town again - but that was probably for the better. We're used to keeping secrets, but the more of us who get together - especially when we're somewhere familiar and private - the more likely someone is to let something slip.

But this went well, and it was fun, and I'll probably have everybody over to my place on Friday - assuming the world doesn't end first.

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