Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father of Boys

Tune in for our next exciting episode, in which we settle in to life as a family of four. Will Daddy ever find any free time? Will Mommy finish grading her papers? What does Theron think of his new younger brother, anyway? Join us for all of this and more:


(I keep the parenting thing separate so that people who are only interested in the family-friendly stuff don't accidentally get exposed to the blog - or vice versa, really.)


  1. The linked picture of Roland on the cat is great. The cat looks absolutely annoyed about having a human larva plopped onto him.

    Does he have his front "weapons?" Looks like he does. :D

  2. The cat still has all his claws. And I suppose he might be annoyed, but he's also among the laziest and most self-assured cats in existence - and that's saying something, really.

  3. It's great to keep them separate but a pleasure to get the peek at your other world. :)


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